Library - Documentation ECOSYS

Library - Documentation ECOSYS

The ECOSYS Joint Research Unit manage 3 scientific libraries :

Library "ECOSYS" Bioclimatologie
INRA-AgroParisTech  - Grignon (78)

Bioclimatology, Plant Ecophysiology, Atmospheric Pollution

contact :     
Marina Pavlidès 
Tel: 01 30 81 55 00

Library "EGER"
INRA-AgroParisTech -Grignon (78)

Agronomy, Agricultural Systems, Soil Science, Environment

contact :      
Alain Bône 
UMR Agronomy 
Tel: 01 30 81 54 07


Library "Ecotoxicology" ("Pessac") 
INRA - Versailles (78)

Soil Science, Ecotoxicology, 
Soil and Environment

contact :
Nicole Noé  
Tel : 01 30 83 32 48

Public : staff of the ECOSYS Unit, some students or scientists of the Research Center Versailles-Grignon (external people: by appointment).

To consult the catalogue from libraries holdings and collections Ecosys :

Books and journals are available online from BeL-Inra  database (intranet INRA)

In order to locate thesis or reports, please contact the librarians.

To consult the publications Ecosys :

See the webpage Publications from this website.

View also, for example, the list of publications of a specific author of the ECOSYS Unit from PRODINRA :

Publications of the ECOSYS Unit are available online from PRODINRA database (internet : open archive).

Useful links :

Intranet INRA-IST national :

including : NORIA (notorieties INRA online, for scientific journals), Resources online available from INRA intranet : bibliographic database, journals online, books online,...

Catalogue of  AgroParisTech libraries holdings and collections :free access online, with Internet.


Marina Pavlidès

Nicole Noé

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