RL4. Towards larger scales and integrative studies

A large number of research topics within Eco&Phy have gained sufficient maturity to provide evaluations at larger scales and be integrated within multi-disciplinary research endeavors as well as towards the development of operational tools. This area focuses on two topics aiming at:

  • Mitigating the impacts of agriculture on air pollution – Ammonia and pesticides emissions will be integrated in regional and national air pollution forecasting models (through the ongoing projects funded by ADEME and PRIMEQUAL: AMP’AIR, POLQA, COPP’R);
  • Assessing the potential of agricultural practices to mitigate climate change – Knowledge and models will be further developed and applied to evaluate potential mitigation options involving crop residue incorporations (RESIDUESGAS EU), and land-based negative emissions technologies in general (CLAND);

This research priority focuses on the local to regional and national scales, while interactions at the landscape scale are tackled in RL3 and the unit structuring themes « Diversity from field to landscape for a resilient agroecosystem with limited impact». It will also make a significant contribution to the structuring themes “Climate change and agroecosystems: mitigation and adaptation”, and “Exposure to and effects of contaminants in agroecosystems”.

Modification date : 06 July 2023 | Publication date : 09 May 2019 | Redactor : Sophie Formisano